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Describe the arcade parts:

An arcade cabinet, also known as an arcade machine or coin cabinet, or coin machine, is the cabinet that houses the electronic hardware of an arcade game. Most cabinets developed since the mid-1980s following the Japanese Entertainment Machine Manufacturers Association (JAMMA) wiring standard. However, some contain additional connections for functions that are not included in the standard.

Arcade parts 

A display port that displays the game. It can display raster or vector graphics, the most common being raster. Slower frame rates allow for better vertical resolution. Monitors can be oriented horizontally or vertically, depending on the game. Some games use more than one monitor. Some newer cabinets have monitors that can display high-resolution video.

Audio output for sound effects and music, usually generated by a sound chip.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), or arcade system boards, the actual hardware that the game runs on. Hidden in the closet. Some systems, like SNK NeoGeo VMS, use a motherboard with a toy car. Some motherboards can also accommodate multiple gaming carts.

A marquee, above the monitor, a poster with the title of the game. 

A bezel surrounds the monitor. It may contain instructions or graphics.

A control panel, a flat surface near the monitor that contains the game controls. Control panels sometimes have game instructions. For example, players often stack their coins or tokens on the control panels of the standing and cocktail cabinets.

Coin slots, coin returns, and coin boxes that allow the exchange of money or tokens. These are usually found under the control panel. When pressed, a coin or token that has gotten stuck in the coin mechanism is returned to the player. See coin validator. In some gaming halls, the coin slot is replaced by a card reader that reads data from a gaming card purchased from the gambling hall operator.

 The sides of the game room cabinet are usually decorated with brightly colored stickers or paints that represent the playability of their respective game.

What are the types of arcade cabinet’s kit?

 Mini or Cabaret Cabinets 

The Mini or Cabaret Cabinet is a busy version of the vertical cabinet. You can also have a smaller monitor. Mini cabinets save a lot of space and are easier for young children to play with than some full-size cabinets.

 Countertop Cabinets 

 Countertop or bar top cabinets are usually large enough to accommodate your monitors and control panels. They are often used for contests and games of chance and are typically installed on bars or tables in pubs and restaurants. These cabinets often have touch screen controls instead of the traditional button controls. They are also quite popular in-home use, as they can be placed on a table or countertop.

 Large Format Satellite Machines 

 Typically found in Japan, these machines have multiple displays connected to one system, sometimes with a large display in the middle. These often include issuing various cards, be it a smart card for storing statistics and progress or trading cards used in the game.



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