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Arcade Console

From demanding to kid-friendly, this is the great game console option that best meets your gaming needs.

The “Console Wars” have waned in recent years, as improvements and updates for each arcade console have been incremental rather than meaningful. It is also increasingly clear that each of the “big three” – Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo – has a slightly more focused destination in mind for their products.

The choice between Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Switch depends on your gaming taste, style, and expectations.

How to narrow down the selection?

Nintendo is essentially the Disney of video games. So if you are a family with young children who love to play together, this is the arcade console you must have. The playlist includes tons of teen characters, including Link from the Legend of Zelda series, Pikachu, and other Pokémon, and of course, from Mickey Mouse himself, Super Mario. The Switch is also designed to switch from a TV arcade console to a handheld, perfect for keeping kids occupied in the back seat during long car trips.

The biggest point of sale for parents is that the Switch restricts communication on the Internet (you can chat only with the accompanying smartphone app) and not exposes children to the dark edges of online play.

The PS4 is the best option for you if you are a serious gamer or want to become a gamer. It has many exclusive platform titles, including God of War, Days Gone, and Horizon Zero Dawn, but they all exist, as you can see, on the other side of the “teen/mature” rating system. They’re very popular.

 The PS4 also shines in cooperative online play, supporting many popular online multiplayer titles like FIFA and Call of Duty. It is also the only arcade console that supports its virtual reality setup.

It is the arcade console for the most demanding (and older) gamers – the only downside is that they are familiar titles. So if you buy one now, you will have to make another purchasing decision next year when the PlayStation 5 (or PS5 or Play5tation) enters the scene.

 As mentioned above, there is not much difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One, so the choice depends on very specific criteria. For one thing, if you’re a huge Mine craft fan, you can lean towards the Xbox ever since Microsoft released the game (you can play my craft on PS4; however, the Xbox version has lots of extra options, features, and gameplay additions). Also, unlike the PS4, it has a built-in Ultra HD Bluray player for those with 4K-enabled TVs.

 If you want to become a streamer of famous games like Ninja and other Fortnite heavyweights, you can try Microsoft Mixer’s native streaming platform. It’s not as big as Amazon’s own Twitch service, but it’s gaining popularity, and Xbox makes it easy to get started. Maybe practice a little first, so the chat doesn’t make fun of your skills.



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