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Choosing the Best arcade joystick regardless 

If you have been playing fighting games for an extended period, you know the importance of having a comfortable and powerful controller. The video game genre requires fast, crisp input for shooting fireballs, combo links, and super moves, so you need a controller that lets you do just that. Of course, a standard video game controller can get the job done, but a fight stick, also known as an arcade joystick for many fighting game community members (FGC), is the weapon of choice.

 Decide if an arcade joystick is Right for You. 

Arcade joystick is a specialized video game controller specifically designed for fighting games. They typically duplicate the feel and layout of the classic Street Fighter-inspired joystick and two-button row layout found on arcade bleachers. The market for fighting sticks was essentially born when ridiculously popular fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat got ports for home consoles.

Fighting games started in arcade cabinets that used joysticks and buttons for controls, and using an arcade stick reproduces the home arcade experience. The joystick and buttons are extremely precise, and these components are what gamers look for in a joystick.

 It’s that arcade feel of holding a paddle or baseball bat-style arcade joystick and fiddling with buttons with the other that makes people use fighting sticks. Nor is it a nostalgic feeling. Instead, there’s a true tactile explanation for seeing many combat players holding battle bars at local and global tournaments.

Reyes III was one of them. Retired tournament fighter found using a standard console controller while playing Vega / Claw in Super Street Fighter IV. However, Reyes found that he had to keep this controller in an unpopular position to successfully reach all the buttons with the four front buttons, bumpers, and gamepad triggers in combination.

The controller mapping became so excessive that it became a disadvantage. So I decided to buy a box of $ 50 for a stick.

Reyes purchased a circuit board for the inside of the device and found someone to connect it for compatibility with multiple systems. It feels like second nature since I grew up in arcades. You don’t get a [console] controller in a game room.

Choose a Fighting Rig 

The most important thing to do before purchasing a fighting baton is to determine the platforms you will use it on. Some fighting sticks are designed exclusively for PlayStation use; others were developed for Nintendo or Xbox. Fortunately, PC gamers don’t have to live in those walled gardens. Because the Windows platform is open, you can use Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox fighting sticks from the box or with some software adjustments.

When a buddy handed me a Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai, I experienced it first hand. I have used the controller to play The King of Fighters. But, of course, some of the device’s PlayStation 4-centric features, such as image sharing and touchpad functionality, were not working on PC.



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