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T Molding Install

Most arches generally have T molding (or moldings) around all edges. It’s a rubberized edge that makes the machine look a lot more professional. The “T” refers to the crest of the cross-section that protrudes into a pre-cut slot in the edges of your arcade machine. T molding itself is quite cheap and easy to buy from places like Arcade World UK. The wood in my cabinet was 18mm thick, and the trim was 3/4 inch wide. It doesn’t seem like it fits perfectly, but don’t worry, it works fine.

But let’s talk about the pre-cut slot I mentioned first. You will need to cut a groove or groove along each edge of your cabinet where you want to attach the trim. Then, the slot needs to be cut with a router. It has to be exactly in the middle, and the slot has to be the correct width. Here is the problem. I think slot cutting bits must be more common in the US because all the websites and videos I’ve seen about it in America say “get a slot cutting bit” or something simple. But all the UK posts that I found on forums, etc. they were full of people who had no idea how to cut the correct slot or what bit size to get or where from.

Many people imported them from the US, but I found a fantastic post on a website that found a supplier in the UK. I am very glad this guy wrote his blog post as he has helped me a lot, so I would love to do it here and give all the details of where and what I can get so if anyone is looking for the right groove cutter to cut a groove in 18mm MDF to fit 3/4-inch moldings.

 – 6702A (47.63mm 2.03mm cutting diameter)

 – B25 Bearing (28.58mm outer diameter, 7.94mm inner diameter)

 – A200B Chuck (6.35mm shank)

I got the correct groove router, but I had to ask my father-in-law to cut the slot with his router. I did this very early in the process when I asked him to cut the wood simultaneously. I think it has to be a lot more difficult if you have to relocate the groove after building the enclosure, so it’s good to do this if your lumber is still paneled.

So cutting the groove was one of the first things I did, and adding the trim was one of the last things I did throughout the build. Just add the trim after the side art is turned on. All you have to do is start from the top of the box and hammer a plate pin into the first piece of the T molding that you place to hold it in place, and then flip it over, and with a mallet of Rubber tap, the T molding part around it. It slides easily on straight parts, but you need to be careful around angles and curves.



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