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Open An Arcade Lock

Whether you’ve lost your device key or the key won’t work, we’re here to help! Ever had to rush into your arcade machine but couldn’t find the key? Don’t worry; we are here to help and guide you through this issue of arcade lock.

If you have a slot machine and you accidentally lost your keys, here are some methods you can try to unlock it.

  • Use old keys
  • Pick up the lock

In this article, we will go into more detail about these different methods and the best way to unlock arcade lock when you don’t have a key for your machine.

 Read on to learn more about each of the above methods, or watch the video below if you prefer.

1. Old Key 

Many different arcade machines come with a standard lock. Often when you have an old key for a similar machine, you will find that that key works for other machines as well.

Even though the machine owner can mount a more secure lock, most operators have to carry one key with numerous locks on all their machines. If you leave the default lock on the machine, someone else can use the same key to open your machine.

I’ve even read in RGP that some manufacturers in the past shipped all machines with the same lock (so one key can open all the machines they made for that particular type of game). So the first tip is not to throw away the old keys; they can be useful if you have more than one machine.

Most standard locks have flat keys, while some operators use round key locks as they are a bit more secure (we can use ‘Don’t use our screwdriver method, and crevice locks may also require special tools).

2. Lock Pick 

 If you can’t find a key that works on an arcade lock, the best way to open the machine is to open the lock. People who know how to do it say it’s easy with arcade machines because they have simple locks. This may be true for professionals, but this method is certainly not for everyone.

 Learning to drag the pick over the pins is surprisingly difficult. The problem is that the mechanical skills he learned early in life were to maintain a fixed position or path for his hands, regardless of the strength required.

When picking an arcade lock, you must learn to apply firm force regardless of hand position. When removing the pick from the lock, you should apply firm pressure on the pins. The chuck should bounce up and down the keyway according to the resistance offered by each pin.

To open a lock, you need information about the effects of its manipulations. It would help if you practiced being sensitive to the sound and feel of an opening pick as it travels through the pins to get feedback. However, there are some exercises you can also try that will help you identify the important information coming out of your fingers.



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