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Marwey Game

The world's best arcade parts manufacturing and trading service provider


Marweygame is the direct arcade buttons supplier. We’ve manufactured arcade push buttons in China for over 10 years.

Our wide range of arcade buttons includes led arcade buttons, happ buttons, arcade coin button, start game button, and more! The arcade push buttons also can be divided by shape, rectangle button, triangle button, dome push button. We are especially proud to carry sanwa arcade buttons. Use these simple switches can improve your experience when playing video games!

Most kinds of arcade machine can use these buttons as replacement, such like arcade machine, arcade cabinet, arcade bartop, gambling machine, claw machine and pandora box arcade, and more.

All the arcade push buttons come with micro switches, we can also pack the buttons together as buttons kit according to customer needs.

Discover our arcade push buttons selection and find everything you need to complete your job comfortably.