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Marwey Game

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Arcade PCB Boards

Marwey Game is the direct arcade pcb boards supplier. We’ve manufactured arcade board in China for over 10 years.

We offer a wide range of arcade boards, arcade PCB’s and conversion kits for arcade cabinets repair. Choose from Classic PCBs, JAMMA PCB boards, multi game PCB boards, Pandora’s Box series PCB board.  You can get these arcade boards as replacements for the arcade game machine.Some can be customized to your department’s specific needs.

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More about the Arcade PCB Boards
The PCB are primarily little computer systems, specifically developed to play a particular game. Some game setups can be altered by hand on the arcade board itself. Many PCBs have a potentiometer with which you can change the volume. Some games make use of stereo audio, as well as some usage mono. The arcade board also has DIP switches, that allow you transform credits/coin, number of lives, difficulty, continue setting etc. The majority of video games also allow you choose an test mode, where you can play the music, enjoy the graphics, check if the ROMs are OKAY and so on. The ROMs (Read Only Memory) are the memory chips where the code, graphics and also sounds for the game are stored. On some arcade PCBs you can really change the ROMs and obtain a completely new game.