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Jamma Harness/

10P+36P Harneess jamma wiring for casino game board

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  • Product Detail

This harness is ideal for replacing old harness in any old JAMMA cabinet or for customers who are bulding new machines with JAMMA boards.

This is Brand new Jamma Harness with 2x28pins 56 Pin connector that can be used for standard Jamma Arcade cabinet (Machines) and PCBs.

All wiring uses 22AWG (22AWG is enough for Jamma PCB ) ,Cheaper harnesses will only use 24AWG or 26AWG or even (Marked with 22AWG but actually with 24 or 26 AWG quality )

Video signals connect through included standard monitor connector.

Full Grounding Loop for all those joystick/button micro-switches on your control panel.Easy to follow installation with below pinout sheet !



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