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We sell a wide range of arcade game boards, PCB’s and conversion kits for arcade cabinets they are the lifeblood of a game. The majority of the boards we sell are tested and working.Update your arcade machine with the latest games and hardware with one of our arcade game boards or conversion kits.

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Pandora’s Box 6 – HDMi and VGA Output – 1300 Great Games.

The 1300 in 1 Pandora’s Box 6 JAMMA board features an awesome selection of arcade classic games including various versions of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 4, King of Fighters, SNK v Capcom, Jackie Chan, Tekken 1 to 3, R-Type, Parodius DA, Scramble, Dodopachi, Donpachi, TMNT, Shinobi, Robocop, and many many more…

The games list also boasts various versions of Street Fighter, including Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, as well as multiple versions of Mortal Kombat & Tekken, so is a great choice for lovers of fighting games. There are also several versions of Metal Slug included. Please see below for the full games list (1300 games in total). The Pandora’s Box 6 will output to VGA and HDMi on modern TV’s and can be set to coin operated or free play mode.



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