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Marwey game focus on manufacturing of arcade game accessories, we manufacture and sell all kinds of high quality arcade game accessories, We are a brand business that has been operating for many years, having a good reputation and great customers group. If you are interested in arcade game and you need to buy arcade game accessories, please contact us.

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Item specifics
Model Number: Casino Machine Harness JH6
Age: >8 Years
Type: Harness
For:: casino game pcb
Edge connector:: 36 pin & 10 Pin
Inlude:: power cord
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

– Hook Ups for the 6 Player Buttons Include Wiring for Each of the 6 Player Button Lamps
– Includes Attached Mini Red Pushbuttons for Bookkeeping & Account Set Up
– Built-In 4 Plug Meter Connector for Easy Hook Up of In & Out Meters
–Fits into Stand Up, Sit Down, Wall Mount or Table Top Style Cabinets
– Edge Connectors Clearly Labeled for “Components Side”
– Standard 36/10 Pin 8 Liner Cherry Master Harness
– Heavy Duty, Long Lasting Board Edge Connectors
– High Quality, Durable Wires and Ends



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