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Arcade Lock/

16mm Cam Lock Alloy Drawer Lock Desk

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  • Product Detail

Cam Locks 16mm

  1. 5/8-inch cylinder length, fits for mounting on panel thickness up to 5/16-inch.
  2. Zinc alloy and chrome finished will resist wear and rust over time.
  3. The cam lock is keyed different, non-key retaining and 90 degree rotation.
  4. Perfect for cabinets, doors, lockers, mailboxes, RVs, boxes, etc.
  5. Each drawer and cabinet cam lock comes with 2 keys.

Key Type: Keyed Different
Cylinder Length: 16mm / 5/8-inch
Cylinder Diameter: 17.5mm / 0.69-inch
Threaded Part Length: 13mm / 0.51-inch
Head Diameter: 23mm / 0.91-inch
Cam Size: 39 x 2mm / 1.54-inch x 0.08-inch (L*T)
Material: Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plated



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