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Marwey game focus on manufacturing of arcade game accessories, we manufacture and sell all kinds of high quality arcade game accessories, We are a brand business that has been operating for many years, having a good reputation and great customers group. If you are interested in arcade game and you need to buy arcade game accessories, please contact us.

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This super 28-pin Jamma wiring is 150cm long and has terminals with 4.8mm or 6.3mm fastons depending on customer preference.

Now you can play all your favorite games including fight titles like Street Fighter II, The King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, etc, thanks to our cable has 6 action buttons per player.

Our Jamma cabling has of course with + 5v and + 12v connectors that you must connect to the arcade power supply and all the extra wiring that includes the connections to be able to also connect it to a mechanical or electronic purse and to the joysticks and buttons of your machine recreational

The connections are protected by small heat insulators that will make your cable do not suffer and ultimately last longer.

Undoubtedly, the wiring of your arcade machine is something that you have to keep up to date, so it is very important to check that our Jamma cable is in good condition


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