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MarweyGame Is A Arcade Parts One-Stop Percurment Center.We supply various of arcade spare parts including push button, joystick, PCB game board, microswitch, coin selector, power supply, wire jamma harness, coin token, redemption ticket, lock, connector, LCD screen, coin counter meter, anti-shock, coin door and so on. Providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service is our goal forever.

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1. Every time open with 6 seconds with time delay function.

2. All frequency voltage input (110 V-220 V can’t switch).

3. Full frequency–high (low) accept, the radio, high-voltage electric cell phone, cell phones, etc.

4. Interference alarm and cut off the power supply when, after a few seconds automatic startup, to protect the IC board.

How to use:

1,Black line, please winding device in the coin line,IC board Copper Cylinder or other place where have metals in order to anti-high-voltage.

2,Red line,please folder with wire harness or around the pcb sheet,in or der to anti-interference.

3,The A/C line of the machine,please connector to the delay socket NO.J1 or NO.J2.

4,J4, J7, please connector to 220V external power supply.

5,VR2 adjust to low-frequency sensitivity, VR3 adjust to extra-high sensitivity. adjustment clockwise, Clockwise to adjust the strong and and vice versa weak.

6.When the manual / automatic switch is set manually, it will Cut off the power and warning when bear the interference, need to manually turn off the power then return to work. When set at automatically ,it will warning for about fifteen second then return to work automatically.


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