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Arcade amusement park coins token

Marwey game focus on manufacturing of arcade game accessories, we manufacture and sell all kinds of high quality arcade game accessories, We are a brand business that has been operating for many years, having a good reputation and great customers group. If you are interested in arcade game and you need to buy arcade game accessories, please contact us.

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Material: Stainless Steel

Coin Diamater: 25mm

Coin Thickness: 1.85mm

Color: Silver

customized Arcade amusement park coins token 25*1.85mm game machine coin token Stainless steel token coin made in China game token

NOTES,This tokens can be customized according to your logo,the MOQ is 5000PCS,But need pay $50USD as mould fee.However,if the order is more than 30000PCS,it’s free for the mould fee,welcome to order!


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