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Arcade Coin Door/


MarweyGame Is A Arcade Parts One-Stop Percurment Center.We supply various of arcade spare parts including push button, joystick, PCB game board, microswitch, coin selector, power supply, wire jamma harness, coin token, redemption ticket, lock, connector, LCD screen, coin counter meter, anti-shock, coin door and so on. Providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service is our goal forever.

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*FULLY-FUNCTIONAL AMERICAN ARCADE COIN DOOR Convert your arcade machine into a piggy-bank and generate some income from your kids with this arcade perfect coin-door for any arcade machine!

*This indestructible design is used by the biggest arcade manufacturers and works with any US Quarter!

*coin-door kit features coin-entry with microswitch activator and includes everything you need to start raking in fistfuls of quarters. Optimized for use with MAME and any encoder!


Applicable Products: Game Machines Coin Door

Arcade Game Coin Door
*Industry Standard Mounting Size.
*Falling coin can produce a set of normally open or normally closed connection and requires no power.
*Universal currency can be adjusted to fit most chips, foreign or UK rooms.
*Great For MAME or Arcade Replacement
*Color: Black
*Material: Iron
*Size: 27.5 * 20 * 12.3 cm

Package list:
1 x Entry Coin Door (single coin entry door)


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