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Arcade Game PC to Jamma Converter

MarweyGame Is A Arcade Parts One-Stop Percurment Center.We supply various of arcade spare parts including push button, joystick, PCB game board, microswitch, coin selector, power supply, wire jamma harness, coin token, redemption ticket, lock, connector, LCD screen, coin counter meter, anti-shock, coin door and so on. Providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service is our goal forever.

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Arcade Game PC to Jamma Converter Connects PC To a Jamma Cabinet or MAME

With this Interface you can plug a PC on a jamma cabinet. Plug on one hand on a jamma connector and on the other hand on VGA, audio and parallel inputs. Board has an integrated audio amp with volume control, and 5 programmable service buttons.
This is the converter board to change to PC to Jamma.
1.Input :PC computer signa
2.Output:Standard 28 jamma,RGB signal
3.Power: 5V or 12V
4.Coin may adjust
5.Hi-Fi Stereo
6.easy to use on M.A.M.E to convert a jamma based cabinet
For MAME game to play in a standard Jamma arcade cabinet
Plug & Play, without any modification
Support arcade video RGB signals
The converter comes with board, VGA cable (15pin male connector), 25pin male connector, speaker plug and power cable.



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