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Coin Change Machine/


MarweyGame Is A Arcade Parts One-Stop Percurment Center.We supply various of arcade spare parts including push button, joystick, PCB game board, microswitch, coin selector, power supply, wire jamma harness, coin token, redemption ticket, lock, connector, LCD screen, coin counter meter, anti-shock, coin door and so on. Providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service is our goal forever.

  • Product Detail

Whether you are counting coins into bags or rolls for deposit or recirculation, the coin counter sorter Coin changer offers speed, accuracy, and ease of use

Characteristic parameters:

*Voltage range: AC110V ~ 220 V starting current: about 2 A
*Storage coins quantity: about 12000-15000pcs
*Features: The coin out is very fast and accurate .10pcs/second (out coin).
* The coins diameter scope: 20.5 mm to 26.5 mm
(Small COINS 20.5 to 23.0 mm ,big COINS 23 to 26.5 mm)
*The coin use thickness : 1.7 mm thickness of 2.1 mm

1.All metal construction
2.High performance with affordable price
3.Compact size with high bill storage
4.Technology based on bill dispenser provides fast,accurate and reliable bill dispensing performance
5.Easy to use authomatic accepted-dispendser operating
6.Easy to maintain,quick to update software

Product Function

1. Accept RM: 5 yuan. 10 yuan. 20 yuan. 50 yuan. 100 yuan. (What kind of currency, receiving money machine can be made by the customer to choose
2. The yuan against the dollar scale: OFF 1:1 ON 2-1
3. Check account:
S1: The total amount of saving coins
S2: The total number of taking out cions.
S3 key: Remove all the accounts.


1. A coin in a currency before want to distinguish currency specifications add money fights
2. COINS specification is not greater than or less than the above parameters range
3. The currency operation not midway without electricity, or you will be easy to card currency
4. Sell currency. The little money machine types of switching should be adjusted at the bottom of the position of the electric motor (need professional technology personnel handling)
5. The paper money not to accept a counterfeit money. Incomplete. True. Dirt note

coin changer,automatic coin token changer
Advanced bill acceptor with staker or without stacker matched
Coin token capacity more than 20000pcs
Attractive cabinet&stable management system
Lower working consumption,save money/time
Easy to operate and maintenance
Import working motor,long-time use
Complete new mechanical coin turnplate
Convenient operation
Double functions:coin in and bill in
Special audit memory function
Double display function: sum in total and coin out total



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