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Marwey focus on manufacturing of arcade game accessories, we manufacture and sell all kinds of high quality arcade game accessories, We are a brand business that has been operating for many years, having a good reputation and great customers group. If you are interested in arcade game and you need to buy arcade game accessories, please contact us.

  • Product Detail

1.Low price and high reliability
2.105 output capacitor
3.AC input power 110-220V
4.High efficiency and low operation temperature
5.Soft-start current can reduce the AC input impact effectively
6.With short-circuit and overload protection
7.Compact size, light weight
8.100% full-load burning test
9.Installed with EMI filter, minimum wave AC input voltage range………. 90V~135VAC 190V~260VAC.
Input frequency……….47Hz~63Hz.
AC input……….110/220V ±15% Output voltage and current: +24v 1.5A



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