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Coin Acceptor/


Whether you’re building your own arcade cabinet or just charging admission to your house, this programmable coin acceptor makes it easy to monetize your next project. There are a ton of cool coin-operated projects just *waiting *to be built!

  • Product Detail

Adopt for the intelligent multi-function CPU system, Automatically identifies coins via coin diameter, thickness and material.
Adopt for multi groups of parameters identification, higher identifying precision.
Enable to set 6 groups of coins in different denomination in the meanwhile.
Enable to set parameters for coin acceptor to adjust the charge amount for main machine.
Enable to adjust the coin acceptor’s precision to fit the surrounding.
★Serial output and parallel output are optional.
Signal output formats Pulse and RS232 are optional.
Multi formats and baud rate are optional for RS232 output.
Two types of Inhibiting functions are optional.
With software inspection system, anti-fishing, with alarms, higher security and reliability.
With software self-diagnosis, it will prompt error when circuit board is out of order.
Enable to connect to the counter, easy work for main machine.
The Infrared direct transmissive sensing method improve the life span, reduce error rates and suitable for outdoor applications.
Product is designed as to work well under large range of temperature.
Adopt for tilting validator, as to avoid coins irregularly jumping to improve the coin identification rate.
Own design patent, no need to dismantle the main body, easy to clean up the validator.
Error alarm sounds are optional.
Coin acceptor cover is combined with plastic and stainless steel, it’s pretty, durable and high abradability.
Enable to alter the output format and functions as needed, or increase groups of coins in defferent denomination



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