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MarweyGame Is A Arcade Parts One-Stop Percurment Center.We supply various of arcade spare parts including push button, joystick, PCB game board, microswitch, coin selector, power supply, wire jamma harness, coin token, redemption ticket, lock, connector, LCD screen, coin counter meter, anti-shock, coin door and so on. Providing high quality products and excellent after-sales service is our goal forever.

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6 Kinds Coins Electronic Coin Sorter Coin Counter Counting Machine For Coin Selector

Product Description:

*Ambient temperature:0-40 °C
*Ambient humidity:30-80%
*Hopper capacity – MAX:500units
*Each coins drawer:50-300 units
*Batch preset number display:3 digits LCD
*Counting number display:4 digits LCD
*Power source : AC220V/50HZ OR AC110V/60HZ
*Power consumption: <20w
*Net weight:3.9kg
*Counting speed:MAX:270units/min(15rpm),MAX:216units/min(12rpm)

*Count and sort mixed coins into the different drawers.
*Count and sum the total value of all denomination.
*Count and sum the total quantity of each denomination.
*Batch function it can be batched with the different denomination at the same time.


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