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Coin Acceptor/


Whether you’re building your own arcade cabinet or just charging admission to your house, this programmable coin acceptor makes it easy to monetize your next project. There are a ton of cool coin-operated projects just *waiting *to be built!

  • Product Detail

This comparable coin acceptor allows you to choose the coin required. All you have to do is remove the plastic coin from the back of the mech and replace with the coin you would like the mech to accept. Each coin inserted will be “compared” to the one you have chosen to identify a match. If the coins match, then a credit is added, if there is a difference in the coin i.e. wrong type/deformed, then the mech will reject that coin.

This coin acceptor a 12 Volt power supply to operate, which can be taken from a JAMMA harness or a spare molex connector on a pc power supply – yellow wire for 12V

Set the slot height plate to the correct coin size. Note that for larger coins, this plate is best removed to avoid bearing against the coin door.
Clip the correct sample coin into the spring-loaded clip, in place of the dummy plastic coin.
Leave the switches unchanged for most applications

Coin Specifications:
Diameter: 18mm ~ 31mm
Thickness: 1.2mm ~ 3.0mm

The coin acceptor is supplied with the following:
Chrome Mounting Screws
Connecting Cable
Zener Diode – Must be connected for use with 5 Volt devices



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