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Enjoy all the games you grew up with. This machine has almost every game classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s. Plug and play games like Street Fighter, Metal Slug Series, Golden Tee, the Simpsons, and so much more.

  • Product Detail

【With 51 3D Games】Pandora’s Box 12, 3339 in 1 arcade console with 51 3D , motherboard comes with a network port, supports network cable to download games online,support English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese, you can choose the language you like

【High-Definition Digital Output】The resolution is 1280 x 720.It is compatible with HDMI and VGA, clear picture can give you more true experience.

[Game pause function] The game has a one-key pause function, waiting for your return at any time

[Game optimization] The game has been optimized and designed by a number of development and technical personnel, and has passed high-level player tests to ensure the original flavor of the game and strengthen the quick and accurate operation feel

[Contact US] We promise to offer high quality products and best service, please contact us if you have any problem.

Board Interface

1* 12V DC power in port

2* USB Ports

1* VGA Port

1* HDMI Port

1* 3.5mm Audio Port

1* Volume Roller

1* CFG button (enter general settings)



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