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Pandora Box Arcade 10041 in 1 Pandora VS8-001 3D WiFi Battle Version

Pandora’s Box is a home gaming console pre-loaded with retro games that comes in a crazy amount of variations.

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Pandora Box Arcade

10041 arcade games which will bring back your childhood memory with your friend, family and anyone. It has faster Cpu Gpu with cooling fan. It is no need to download, no need to reset and it will bring you real arcade game feeling.

HDMI and VGA outputs allows you to connect most of the devices(PC monitor, TV, Projector, etc). With HD images and great sound quality, nice game control experience as well as stable performance. The Pandora’s Box 10041 in 1 output resolution is 48% clearer than other Pandora’s Box version. Easy to use, plug and play, with English manual.

Pandora’s Box VS8-001 3D WiFi uses a family arcade system which could easily bring you a own arcade world. It supports two players enjoy the games at the same time, which could give the users a real arcade experience.

Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite games to the ‘favorite game list’ which is showing on the home page, so you can find them faster and save more time for playing your wanted games. You can select the games according to the type of games, such as Fighting, Shooting, Action, Sports, Puzzle type and so on as well as the alphabetical order of capital letter of the game name.

1: 3D games quantity: 300
2: CPU: S812 four Cores
3: Flash: 4GB internal storage+ 64GB SD card
4: Resolution: 19201080P, 1280x720P, 1024x768P, 640x480P Support: HDMI, VGA, USB, WiFi Voltage: 110-240V input, CN/TW/US/EU/UK/AU available Product size: 640220*65cm
5: Product weight: 3.0Kgs
6: Certificate: CE


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