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4018 Games Wifi Arcade Pandora Games 3d Console

Enjoy all the games you grew up with. This machine has almost every game classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s. Plug and play games like Street Fighter, Metal Slug Series, Golden Tee, the Simpsons, and so much more.

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Whether you preferred playing Mortal Kombat or Ms. Pacman after a movie on Friday night, these pandora games 3d arcade machines are bound to keep you—and yours—entertained for several long hours any day of the week. And if you weren’t really into the video games, we’ve included some more modern arcades games, such as roll-and-score and dual basketball games, to get you off the couch.

Product Features:
main board: Pandora Games 3D Box
Color: Pictures or customized to requirements
Product material: Acrylic box
Voltage and power: 220V / 250W
Player: 1 Players
Product weight: 3 kg
Net weight: 3 kg
Output: VGA port/HDMI/USB
language: English/chinese traditional/Simplified Chinese/Korean
Total number of games: 1660 arcade games
Product size: 350*290*275mm
Packing dimensions: 730*260*185mm
Usage: connet to compter, TV, game machine’s screen



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