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Pandora's Box Arcade/

Pandora’s Box 14 3390 in 1 with 70 3D Games WiFi Supported

  • ✔✔✔ Pandora's Box 14, supports wifi, 3320 2D game + 70 3D game to ensure the originality of the game and enhance the sense of fast and accurate operation. The motherboard is equipped with a classic retro all-in-one arcade game. Home mode and arcade mode are combined into one, home mode can be paused, archived, and read files; arcade mode supports on-time billing and currency billing
  • ✔✔✔ The motherboard has game classification/editing/hidden games, you can add games by yourself! Support quick search, simulator classification, game type classification, recent games, support 3D game special handle mode, restore the most realistic game experience; support burst function; support multi-simulator game customers to download independently; support machine mapping into handle mode ; Support two-player online game with 4 players; support any 1p position setting of the handle
  • ✔✔✔ Support 4 handles online at the same time; support button customization function, you can freely use the button position you like; the board has a game pause function. In the free game mode, if the game time is too long, but you don't want to stop the game, you can use the pause function. Press the [PAUSE] key, the pause menu will pop up on the screen, and the game will be paused. Status does not lose game progress
  • ✔✔✔ The motherboard display output also supports HDMI high-definition video output and VGA high-definition video output, no need to purchase additional video converter conversion, supports high-quality two-channel HDMI / AUX / built-in speaker audio output, supports one button to turn off the console Built-in speaker function
  • ✔✔✔ We promise to provide high-quality products and the best service. The product comes with a manual, which contains the game adding steps and background setting instructions. Please read it carefully. If you don't understand anything, please contact us

  • Product Detail

Use abnormal situation diagnosis:

❶No image, no sound, power light off

★Reason: Abnormal power converter; The motherboard is abnormal

Handling method: The power converter needs to provide DC 5V and 12V input, the product can be used normally, try to replace the power adapter with the same parameters or contact the dealer

❷No image signal, but there is sound (HDMI sound, 3.5MM audio port sound or built-in speaker sound)

★Reason:Please check if the HDMI cable or VGA cable is connected properly and the monitor signal source setting is correct

Handling method: Change wiring harness or audio equipment

❸Suddenly button malfunction in using

★Reason:Battery is no enough.Buttons wiring connection get loose.

Handling method: Contact to the dealer

❹Buttons operate slowly or appears inexplicable button operation.

★Reason:Signal interference

Handling method: Contact to the dealer

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1.Game Quantity:3320 2D games + 70 3D games

3.Support: Compatible with HDMI and VGA output


Jamma board x 1

Work Environment: -10℃–45℃, 30%–90% Humidity


If you want to get the game list, please contact us.



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