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Push Button Zippy Micro switch

Marwey game focus on manufacturing of arcade game accessories, we manufacture and sell all kinds of high quality arcade game accessories, We are a brand business that has been operating for many years, having a good reputation and great customers group. If you are interested in arcade game and you need to buy arcade game accessories, please contact us.

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Button Zippy Micro switch

1.UL,VDE, RoHS approved..ISO9001:2008;

  1. 15.1A 125/250Vac with UL ;
  2. 16(6)A 250V,with VDE T125 5E4 with VDE; ;

4.Can be On-off-on Function.

5.Material:Base plastic—Nylon 66;Button plastic—PC or Nylon 66;
Copper parts such as terminal—-Copper H62;
Terminal surface treatment—– tin plating;
Contact—-silver on copper ;
Spring—-Tungsten steel;
With water protect cap(if required) .

  1. Material:Silver Contact,PC,PA66;

7.Used for home appliances and electronic equipments.Such as :Micro ovean.etc. Can with handle ;



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