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Arcade Joystick/


We stock a range of arcade joysticks, which are suitable for various arcade machine projects, commercial use and academic projects.

  • Product Detail

This joystick looks very cool when lit up and changes colour. The colour of the illumination changes from white, blue, purple and yellow. This colour changing illuminated joystick is lit up by the LEDs on the PCB, which are located underneath the mounting plate. The LEDs shine up through the transparent shaft cover, which in turn gives the clear crystal handle a glowing effect.

Illuminating the joystick:
To illuminate this joystick, simply connect the included cable (red/black harness) to the PCB on the joystick and connect the bare ends to a 12V power source.

Product features:
* 2/4/8 way movement
* Cool colour changing illumination
* Changes colours from White, Blue, Purple and Yellow
* Includes cables to connect to IPAC and 12v power source
* 35mm crystal ball top



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