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Coin Acceptor/


Whether you’re building your own arcade cabinet or just charging admission to your house, this programmable coin acceptor makes it easy to monetize your next project. There are a ton of cool coin-operated projects just *waiting *to be built!

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Product Features
1.Suitable for various of metal coins;
2.CPU process control, score accurately;
3.Special precise/normal stall, coin smoother:
4.Powerful prevent phishing and other means of cheating, with cheating alarm;
5.Circuit parts made by SMT technology,quality and stability;
6.Double color light show receive coin, intuitively distinguish true or false coin
7.0pen cover design, completely solve the coins jamming and blocking;
8.The working state of coin acceptor can be controlled (Reject coins, can be selected according to clients’ requirement).

Steps for usage
1.Adjust the metal piece on the rear of panel to prevent too large coins (This metal piece is optional);
2.Take out the plastic coin from the slot, put your coin in;
3.According to your coin,select the sensitivity.If you require a high accuracy,adjust it to “precision”. If some true coins were misjudged as false coins, adjust it to “normal”
4.According to machine’s motherboard,select the output pulse switch 25ms/50ms/100ms,usually use 25ms):
5.According to machine’s motherboard,select the output modeNC(normally close)/NO(normally open).Usually use NC stall:
6.Install coin acceptor,it can be used after connecting power and signal wiress.



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