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Marwey sell a wide range of arcade game boards, PCB’s and conversion kits for arcade cabinets they are the lifeblood of a game. The majority of the boards we sell are tested and working.Update your arcade machine with the latest games and hardware with one of our arcade game boards or conversion kits.



Material: Acrylic panel + Metal base

Plug: 110V US Plug

User Interface: HDMI, VGA, USB

Modes Select: Coin Insert; Free Play

Suit for: LCD TV, PC, Laptop, Desktop, Arcade machine

Product Size: 25 * 8.6 * 2.7″(L * W * H)

  • Product Detail

【About Games】Pandoras Box 3D, 4018 in 1 arcade game console with 160 3D games, support Chinese Traditional, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, 4CPU+8GPU,4G internal memory and 64G SD card,sers can download games by Game classification:such as fighting games, shooting games, Stage Clear games, , puzzle games, sports games Or you can also download games by format such as ARCADE、MD、DC、PS/PSP、WSC、FC/SFC、GBA/GBC、PCE

【HD Game Screen】It is compatible with HDMI and VGA, the resolution is 1280 x 720,support PC/PS3/4 USB joysticks online,can adjust the position of the handle,with pause,archive file, read file and play again next time;Support machine becomes gamepad mode, supports two-player online, supports any 1p position setting of the handle, and supports 4 gamepad at the same time.

【Function 】Added network download function. Users can connect to WiFi and log in to the background game market to download games. At present, there are 11,160 games available added DC simulator to achieve full coverage of the simulator,can edit / delete / hide game list and set up free play / traditio;Support fast searching,emulator classification,game class and recent game. ;Support 3D game dedicated handle mode to restore the most realistic gaming experience

【System Setting】Support online upgrade service, can connect WIFI, online upgrade client,support custom change boot logo, background image and loading image, the system language is changed from picture form to text form, game page turning is faster, and language customization services worldwide;Support continuous shooting function, button customization

【About US】We promise to offer high quality products and best service, please contact us if you have any problem.


Just Plug & Play Only!

Built-in clear speaker, volume adjustable.

High-tech main board, chips, hardware.

Picture quality enhancement Adjustable HD scan line

Double sticks for 2 players, equip with 16 buttons(each 800,000 use time).

Connect to TV/PC/Arcade through HDMI or VGA output and cable.

Provide USB 2.0 high-speed cable to connect tablet PC directly.

Adjustable coin insert or free play mode, suitable for home and commercial.

Compatible with all HD TV screen and PC. With 1280×720 HDMI/VGA full definition output, the resolution of output will be 50% larger than the old version of Pandora’s Box 6S.

In addition to favorite games and hide games function, you can select the games according to the type of clearance, such as fighting type, puzzle type, sports type and so on as well as the alphabetical order of capital letter of the game name.



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