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Pandora’s box arcade

Today we are looking at a Pandora’s Box Arcade Stick clone called “Pandora 9s +”. 

On top of that arcade bool, you can notice an extra stylish blue ‘GAMING!’ sticker and a lovely plastic bag to disguise the box’s dust. There are two USB ports on the rear of Pandora’s box arcade, a “Settings” button, a 3.5mm audio port, a VGA port, an HDMI port, a 12V/3a power connector for switching on altogether. In addition, there are a set of USB connector ports in Pandora’s box arcade. Finally, at the bottom, there is a speaker grill for the built-in speaker. But before we continue, let’s take a look at what you get with your Pandora’s box arcade.

Below you will find the 12v / 3a power supply, an HDMI cable, a VGA cable, two additional front buttons, and a USBA to USBA cable? Interesting. And that is all you have in the box; no manual (although this is listed on the product page), no short instructions, just the stick, cables, and some extra buttons just in case. Well, the first thing any self-respecting interwebz user wants to do is slowly and immediately have our first problem. When the plastic cover was put on this arcade stick, it did so without the attached buttons for some ungodly reason.

How should you know because a ton of plastic will pop open and stick UNDER the buttons if you remove the plastic? To remove this plastic, you need to open the stick and remove the buttons so that no plastic parts are visible around the buttons. The next problem you’ll encounter is when you plug in the power adapter – it’s incredibly cheap. It’s weightless, made of cheap plastic, and the C13 / C14 input is extremely fragile, so when I first plugged it in, I pushed it a few inches into the PSU housing. Luckily it still works, but I highly recommend finding another adapter that won’t fall apart when you look at it. And one of the worst things in the boxing arcade of Pandora is the lack of button labels after pause/start. Until you start that thing and go into a game or check the settings, you don’t know which buttons do what, which is pretty annoying. Not a great sign from the start. With problems as simple as these, surely the rest is just as cheap, right?

Well, no, the rest of the arcade stick is extremely well put together! The top of the stick with an arcade is around 1 cm thick hard plastic, and the arcade button is made of ANY METAL that makes the entire stick weighty and welcomed. The included buttons are pretty decent quality too, and the main six buttons have decent microswitches, though the two coin / pause and start buttons don’t have microswitches on them. One of the better advantages about this specific arcaded stick is that you can link your whole arcade system to your PC or gaming console using the built-in USB port and the built-in USB-A to USB-A cable.


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